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The TriValley Democratic Club (Dublin, Pleasanton & Livermore CA)
voted to send this open letter to the Democratic National Committee.


A Better Deal = Not as bad as the last deal


The Democratic Partys re-branding called A Better Deal is the kind of thinking that lost the last election.  "A Better Deal better jobs better wages better future" assumes that voters will believe Democrats can deliver while not making basic changes to the political and party structure.  A Better Deal assumes voters will cast their vote for whichever party they believe can deliver on economic promises. Voters believe the system is rigged and no matter who is doing the dealing, winners are determined beforehand. 


The party not only needs a better slogan it needs to aim higher if we Democrats are going to win in 2018 and 2020.  We propose a better plan:


To make your government work for you
the Democratic Party champions Democracy, People & Planet.


       Democracy can make government responsive to our needs if we unrig the election process.  Elected representative can be responsive to the needs of the people by making structural changes including::

o       Direct election of the President & Vice president by popular vote

o       A fair and equitable primary process

o       Getting big money out of politics

o       Protecting against voter roll purging and voter suppression

o       Preventing dirty tricks from corrupting elections

o       Prevent Gerrymandering



o       Working for social & economic justice that benefits society and makes government responsive to human needs



o       Reclaiming environmental world leadership

o       Using diplomacy toward peace


Voters are not satisfied with unfulfilled promises they heard before with no plan for delivery on the promises.  Democracy can be the delivery system, but today American democracy is broken. Trump has shown us how perilous & dangerous a broken democracy is.  Your Democratic Party can repair ; our broken democracy with your help.  Tell those who lead the party what you want; Speak out, speak up and speak often.



Comments from TVDC members

The letter captures what the Democratic Party needs to do to win elections and work towards providing real representative government.  As an Engineering Geologist and Hydrgeologist in California I am especially concerned that we address infrastructure (e.g. providing safe clean supplies of water to our communities) and address climate change issues that are being ignored in Washington.                                                                                                George Reid Pleasanton CA


Make your government work for you, works for me!                         Dr. Eloise Hamann, Dublin CA, is a retired math professor & current writer.