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Articles & Press Releases written by club members


Energy Pirates by Ellis Goldberg-  the comic book version of how and why Schwartzenegger became Governor.   2006


What we can do about the Republican attempt to steal the 2008 Presidential Election
A proposal to the TVDC membership by Ellis Goldberg.


Submitted by Mary Perner Jan 2006


Tri-Valley Democratic Club president Gary Prost today called on Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger to apologize for remarks in a taped television interview. 2005
Schwartzenegger revealed to George Stephanopolis on ABC TV’s This Week Sunday morning that he had used steroids while training as a bodybuilder. The governor went on to say that he would still use them knowing what he knows today, and that he had “no regrets.”


Medicare Prescription Drug Plans: Democratic Plan vs. Republican Plan by Gary Prost - TVDC President 2005


The Truth About Social Security illustrated commentary by Molly Bang. 2005


Tax Cuts Cost Jobs by Ellis Goldberg 2005

The President gave massive tax breaks to the rich, but the promised jobs were not delivered. A smaller percentage of Americans have jobs today than in 2000.


What is a Progressive by Paulette Kenyon 2005

Progressives believe that everyone deserves a roof over their head, a living wage, access to food, decent education, health care, and, in the event of old age or disability, a safety net.


Democrats and the Vision Thing by Gary Prost 2005

We’ve all heard the expression, “There are two kinds of people in politics – those who want to be something and those who want to do something.” It isn’t hard to tell the two apart. The be people are the ones who say, “vote for me because the other guy’s a rat.” The do people say, “this is what our community/state/nation needs and this is how I plan to accomplish it.”


Manor House & Friends by Gary Prost 2005
I watched a couple of television shows this past week that served as wonderful metaphors for problems I see in the body politic. They were Thursday night’s episode of Friends, and the reality show Manor House presented on KQED on New Year’s day.


Inter City Rail Paper by Gary Prost 2005
The future of the High Speed Rail Authority is now in serious doubt. As an advocate of a statewide passenger rail system, this brings me great joy. I believe the Authority was on the wrong track (no pun intended). A high-speed rail system in California today would almost certainly founder. Creation of a fast passenger rail network starting with existing rail and later upgrading it to 100-120 mph would be a more rational approach with faster returns on investment.