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This website is owned and operated by the TriValley Democratic Club. 
Ellis Goldberg Webmaster
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Rejected for endorsement

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan Endorsed by
the TriValley Democratic Club

The TriValley Democratic Club endorses and will work to elect a law professor, a litigating environmental lawyer and loving mother, Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, the only Democratic Candidate in the race for Assembly District 16 TriValley, San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, Walnut Creek & LaMorinda

Endorsed by the TriValley Democratic Club in November 2017.
Convention Delegates and Democratic Club Representatives from AD 16 overwhelmingly endorsed her at the Pre-Primary Endorsement Caucus in January.  The California Democratic Party officially endorsed her in February.

Rebecca explained to the club why she organized her fellow attorneys at SFO when Trump imposed the Muslim Ban. 
Her holocaust refugee grandparents escaped because her grandmother wrote a letter to complete strangers asking them to sponsor her family coming to the US.  Rebecca pointed out she would not be here if not for those sponsor
ing strangers taking action.  That is why she is a tough advocate for justice and is compelled to take action, like pro bono advocacy that got her client off Death Row.  Now she feels compelled to run for the Assembly and take action at the state level.

In the June Primary and in the November Election,
Rebecca will face an incumbent Republican opponent. 
You can help; this is your opportunity to make a big difference!

Visit - www.rebeccabauerkahan.com
for campaign information and for volunteer opportunities:

     Put up yard signs

     Endorse her publicly,

     Host or help at a house party

     Invite your friends and neighbors over to meet Rebecca

    Be a neighborhood captain.


 I am campaigning for Rebecca because she is genuine, trustworthy, smart, confident,
focused, loving and compassionate.  She will be a strong champion for our kids, community and planet.

Ellis Goldberg    Tri Valley Democratic Club Webmaster and former President


 Assembly District 16

Why the NRA loves Catherine Baker 

Baker abstained on AB 424, which prohibits school superintendents from authorizing guns on school property.    

Baker opposed AB 450, which authorizes a local agency issuing licenses to carry a concealed firearm to charge applicants a fee sufficient to cover the reasonable costs of issuing and enforcing the license. 

Baker opposed letting co-workers employers, mental health workers and university employees from filing a gun violence restraining order prohibiting a person from owning a firearm for 1 year (AB 2607). 

Baker opposed SB 1446, which prohibits the possession of a large-capacity magazine that has capacity to accept over 10 rounds, regardless of the date the magazine was acquired.  The bill requires a person who, prior to July 1, 2017, legally possesses a large-capacity magazine to remove, sell, destroy, or surrender that magazine.

Baker abstained on requiring firearms dealers to monitor their businesses with video surveillance (AB 2459).

Baker opposed increasing fees on firearm dealers to fund firearm safety programs (SB 840). 

Baker opposed SB 347; which adds specified firearms and ammunition offenses to the list of misdemeanors that result in the defendant being prohibited from possessing a firearm for 10 years. 

Supported, then opposed (after NRA opposed) AB 1134 which AB 1134 allows a county sheriff to enter into agreements with police chiefs, or other heads of municipal police departments, to process all concealed handgun applications, instead of the sheriff. 

Supported, then opposed psychological examination for a security guard to have a firearm permit.  SB 468 subjects the powers and duties of the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to sunset review by the Legislature, and requires applicants for armed security guard licensure to complete a psychological examination, as a condition for the issuance or renewal of a firearms permit.