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The club welcomes young people who want to be politically active.  
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Karen Swain writes about her political activism.


Las Positas College Earth Club  encourages active participation in the improvement of the environment around campus and in our community, as well as the world in general, thereby realizing that solutions to world problems can be achieved through individual and small group involvement.


Las Positas College Student Government advocates assembly members, representatives, and senators for legislation that guarantees an education to anyone that has the desire to pursue one.


(Young Democrats of America) YDA By the Bay  Values. Voices. Victories. It’s Our Fight Now. The 2005 YDA National Convention gears up to bring you inspiration, skills and opportunities to shape YDA’s future.

The 2004 election cycle had Republicans telling Democrats that we lost our values and that we have no vision and no leadership. The Young Democrats of America and our members will never allow the Republicans to shape our party or to tell us what being a Democrat means.

Join us, August 3-7th in San Francisco, with over 500 fellow young Democrats for our 2005 National Convention. Get ready to listen to guest speakers, participate in trainings, elect our leadership and develop our 2006-2008 Platform. And trust us…there will be no void of values, vision or leadership.